A place to put my travel pictures.

Potions class at the studio where all the Harry Potter movies were made.

Biking among the mountains in Alaska.

It's the very last day that the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, Texas will be open. Everything is for sale including all the exhibits of this museum that tells of the Forbidden City in China.

Here is a rare picture. Im standing in fresh snow in Galveston, Texas.

View from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is the place in Houston that NASA uses to train crews to do an EVA (spacewalk) outside the ISS (space station) by placing a replica in the water. The Space Shuttle crews also used to train here. The public is not allowed to visit this place but my work allows me a chance get in sometimes.

From the nice town of Coldstream, Scotland you can see the the natural border between it and England.

Playing around the crawler at the launch facility in Florida between Space Shuttle flights.

Shows of RenFest past.

Checking out the new construction on the Eiffel Tower.

About to mave a 100 year old oak tree by picking it up with a few cranes and dragging it to a new location.

Welsh Breach
A very nice Welsh beach at low tide.

Hanging out with Charelton Heston at a museum fundraiser in Texas. This is almost as bad as a Bigfoot picture.


Masks and props used in the harry Potter movies. This is at the studio near London.

Walking acroos the harbour while the tide is out in Tenby, Wales.

This is the view from a fishing boat I caught a ride on to get to a nearby island in Tenby, Wales.

Watching the tourists load onto one of the ships to see Niagra Falls up close.

Checking out the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

Spending a week somewhere south of San Antonio, Texas to build the very last Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house. Welding together a fireplace stand.

Riding on a fishing boat in Tenby, Wales.

This is how they store a rescue boat on the English coasts. Jump in, release the rope and hit the water at full speed with engines running.

No easy access to some parts of a castle. Look how steep the hand rail is.

My home for a year during one of my many stays in Alaska. This is at the small boat harbour in Valdez.

Cardiff, Wales is where the Dr. Who shows are mostly filmed now. Though I'm sure this is not part of the show.

Now that I think about it, this guy and his buddy are probably the reason there aren't many pigeons around the outdoor shops and cafes of Cardiff, Wales.

Some really nice seats for the choir at a Wells, England cathedral.

One of many tiny houses you can find all over Eureca Springs, Arkansas.

There must be something cool at the top of these well worn steps in the Wells, England cathedral. Nope. Just a locked door. Sucker.

Some serious hand made hinges in a cathedral in Wells, England.

Wells, England looks like a nice place to live. It was named from 3 Roman water wells used here.

The captured World War two German submarine U505 on display in Chicago.

Sunset in St. Louis

Early morning at Stonehenge.

Waiting at St. Pancras, London train station to take the high speed rail to France. Its really early in the morning and you can see many people that spent the night there to catch the first train out.

Got my seat and ready to travel under the English Channel on the Eurostar high speed train.
Here is what that looks like.