Here are some of the best books that I own related to riding.

Still the king of all motorcycle riding books. Still the best, still the first book to get. Please take time to get a copy of this.

I know this guy and he has created a series of good books. This one gives a good view in a slightly funny way about dealing with the problems most motorcyclists have while on the road. He has another great book related to larger, touring bikes.

Lee Parks is one of those guys who has been in the industry so deep he knows things about the physics of riding and the mental aspect that few others do. This is a perfect source for understanding suspension, traction and how the rider places control imputs into the bike in positive and negative ways. When you are ready for another level of understanding this is the book for you. Lee has been one of my instructors in the past and I have taught for him.


Nick Ienatsch was one of my earliest instructors for sport riding. He has a very long history in the world of motorcycle riding and has some great insights into how to be a better rider on sportbikes.

Save this book for when you think you know everything about motorcycles.

An interesting read.

This book has become a permanent part of motorcycle history.

Few people have toured like Dr. Frazier. I have read many of his articles over the years and he has great information to share.