Why wear riding gear?

We have been led to believe a rider wears gear because of a crash but I know the best use of gear is to help me operate the motorcycle better so I DON'T have a crash in the first place. Gloves give me the best grip on the controls and proper eye protection gives me the best view of what is going on around me. I can control my bike better and be a much safer rider when wearing gear than without. Now, let's go over what real gear is...


The purpose of a helmet is to absorb energy even if you are not wearing it. A helmet just soaks up an impact like a shoulder pad for a football player. It is a simple device that has too much misinformation revolving around it. A true motorcyclist sees it as just one of many pieces of equipment used to give a rider an advantage over those without. There are five types of helmets out there.

1. Full face
2. Modular
3. Open face or 3/4
4. Half
5. Novelty (not a DOT approved helmet)

Having an accident isn't the main reason you should be wearing a helmet. As I explained in class the gear you wear is to allow you to be at your best while controling the bike. You could say that you wear a helmet to help PREVENT an accident in the first place. A rider in a full face helmet is set to see better with less chance of something getting in their eye. It helps keep you warm on a cold day and keeps the sun off of you skin on a hot day. It reduces some of the wind noise which helps you hear things around you better and that quieter rider will reduce fatigue.

The best riders out there know these reasons. Thats why they choose to wear the gear. Its one of those things that shows how serious you take riding on the street. Why skip the gear and make riding harder and more dangerous? Too bad you will be one of the few out there that knows this stuff.

The most impacted part of a riders head is the face and jaw area. This accounts for around 45% of hits. The area covered by a half helmet is only hit about 7% of the time. If you wear a half helmet you have a 93% chance of doing major damage to your head without even touching the helmet. Some countries have made the half helmet illegal to sell and wear. Over the years I have been given free ones by dealers. When I get home they go straight in to the trash where they belong.

Was wearing a Half Helmet. Too bad. You can see the line where the helmet was.

Was also wearing a Half Helmet.

Take care of your helmet. try not to leave it on the seat of your motorcycle so it doesn't fall. Store it where pets and kids will not mess with it. Never leave it in a hot car or use harsh cleaners. If you are having problems with your full face helmet fogging on the inside then install a Fog City Fog Shield. They come in clear and tinted versions and install inside the visor. It beats smearing chemicals inside your visor each week and breathing the fumes while you ride.

Very few people know the three shapes to helmets. They make round, oval and long oval. If you are having trouble with the fit of yours that may be the reason. You could have the right size but wrong shape.


Real riding gloves are a very important part of controling the bike as best as you can. Hot, cold, wet or dry your hands need a full finger pair of gloves to get reliable grip with the controls of your bike. You can tell a serious rider by their gloves. You don't have to look like a Power Ranger though. A good pair shouldn't cost more that $100.

You can also tell a novice rider or poser by the gloves they think are right for riding. Fingerless gloves are about as silly as wearing only half of a hat. They really don't do much to help control a bike or protect from anything.


Earplugs are another great thing to wear. They reduce the wind noise and that will greatly reduce physical and mental fatigue. When they are dirty just throw them in with some laundry and let them dry overnight. I keep earplugs in the pocket of all of my riding jackets. They really help.


THere is a huge amount of confusion here. Ask 100 bikes this question and get 100 wrong answers yet every one of them will think they are right. Here it is.....

The law requires the Texas Department of Insurance to prescribe a standard proof of health insurance for issuance to persons who are at least 21 years of age and covered by an applicable health insurance plan. "Health insurance plan" means an individual, group, blanket, or franchise insurance policy, insurance agreement, evidence of coverage, group hospital services contract, health maintenance organization membership, or employee benefit plan that provides benefits for health care services or for medical or surgical expenses incurred as a result of an accident. ReadTexas Administrative Code §21.5201 (c)(1)(2) for details on requirements for health insurance plan providers; basically they must either add the words “MOTORCYCLE HEALTH” to the insurance card or supply a letter with the same basic information as the card to include the words “MOTORCYCLE HEALTH: Standard Proof of Health Insurance”.

Notice there is NO $10,000 amount attached to this. That is another myth. Also, another way to be exempt is to be over the age of 21 and earn an MSB-8.

That's is. Any other version you hear of this is wrong.