The Texas Tornado. Colin is a two time world champion in the motorcycle racing community. He is also from Conroe. Now in his early 40's he has been racing longer than most people have been riding on the street. I first met him at a race in California in 1994 and he is a super nice guy and one of the best racers today. He broke his collarbone in 7 places once and a week later placed third in a race against the top riders in the world.

edwards 2

colin edwards
Breaking in new leathers before a race. Stop, drop and roll.

How do you steer a motorcycle? Look at his eyes.

Smooth riding takes years to perfect but pays off big. This is why he can dominate a race in the rain.

There he is on bike 45


The Isle of Man TT race started in 1907 and is still going strong. It is a race against the clock and each lap is nearly 40 miles around the entire island off the coast of Scotland. The track IS the public roadway so there is no room for error. If you leave the track you hit a stone wall, building, tree or maybe down a cliff into the ocean. So far there have been almost 240 riders killed since the race began. Below are some links to some YouTube videos of the race. Most of them are filmed from a camera on the bike since it is so hard to follow bikes going 220mph.

Guy Martin doing a very fast lap.

More highlights.

A good video showing the track on the island.


This is the main type of motorcycle racing in the world. Each race is in a different country with one or two stops in America. The best riders on Earth are here on the fastest bikes.

Here is a little video from a race a few years ago.