park 2
Try to avoid parking where cars do. When on private property see if you can use a better location like on the sidewalk next to a store wall. Use your best judgement and don't park in the way of others. I have had people park their car right behind my bike or part in their space and part in mine. I have seen cars hit bikes they didn't see in a parking space and then drive away quickly. Nothing good comes from parking where cars do so avoid it if you can.

I don't park to get closer to a door. I park to protect my bike. Try parking in a yellow or white striped area or even better, look for a designated motorcycle parking zone. If you park against a wall place the hot pipes on the wall side. Sometimes I ask the security people if they have a good place for me to park. They ofter do. I don't have these problems as often when on a really big bike or when I park two bikes in the same spot.

If I can't get a safe place next to a wall then I look for a yellow or white striped area that cars usually avoid. If there is a light pole in that area then thats even better. Sometimes you just have to use the car space so look for one away from other cars and place it for maximum visibility.

Once I parked in my usual spot at a movie theater at the corner of the building. It was pretty far from the front door. After the movie I found a typed note on the seat of my bike from the assistant manager. It read "Please do not park on the sidewalk because your bike is explosive". You know bikes blow up all the time around the city for no reason so he had a point I guess. While reading the note the person who wrote it came out to talk to me. I told him I would not park there again because I would not ever come back to his theater.

About a year later at another theater a police officer working security that Saturday night walked up to me after I parked my bike in the usual spot at the corner of the buillding and said that management would not allow motorcycles to park on the sidewalk anymore because last night a kid on a sportbike did a wheelie down the sidewalk almost hitting the people in line for tickets. A year later we were allowed to use the sidewalk again.

You might find that you aren't allowed to bring your bike into many parking garages. This is because someone with a loud bike set off all the car alarms while riding in the garage. I have never been able to park for free in Texas where cars also had to pay to park.

I use a sidestand puck under my sidestand to prevent my bike from falling over when there is a chance the asphalt wil become soft as the day gets hotter. I tie a long string on it and make a loop on the other end to hand on my grip so I can pick it up easy when I get back on the bike. In the past I have used crushed cans or even stacks of sticks when I forgot to pack the puck. At motorcycle rallies I have seen the insurance companies give them away so be sure to grab a few.

Here is a great place to park. The hot pipes on the bike are closest to the wall, the bike is not blocking anyone from walking by and is away from the entrance and is least likely to be knocked over by a car.

I parked here to eat lunch and within a minute someone put there car like this. There is no limit on how dumb car drivers can be.

Here I parked with other bikes at the entrance to a parking garage. They made a special place for bikes and we don't have to pay to park like the cars. Many of these bikes have a chain locking them to the fence.

Im parked in the middle of this mess of bikes and scooters but it still beats a car parking space any day.

I put my Gold Wing in with two other bikes at a Wal Mart. Do you see the problem with this location? Even though most of the painted lines are white they are outlined with a blue line so that makes this a bad place to park your bike. Just move over one space to an all white or yellow area.

Here is a great reason why I choose not to use car parking spaces. I parked my bike in a near empty parking space and the first customer after me did this great job of parking next to my bike. Car drivers don't think very well do they?