I have been working as a graphic designer for over 20 years. Early in my career I was able to hire as a graphic designer with a company that designed and constructed museum exhibits. Through them I became involed in that trade and was trained to work in wood, foam, metal, fiberglass, ect. Today most of my work is related to the museum industry and can be seen in many places in Texas. Here is a portfolio of past work I have done.

A list of past and present clients...

Houston Humane Society
Space Center Houston
Science Applications International Corporation
Stuart Title
Alvin Historical Museum
Gallery Furniture Houston
Lone Star Flight Museum
Ocean Star Drilling Rig Museum
City of League City
Galvestons Rosenberg Museum

Part of a crop circle exhibit for Space Center houston. I did all the graphics and design.

One of four circus posters created for the Robot Circus show at Space Center Houston. This is for a robot clown that gets shot from a cannon.

Robot Circus 2
The main entry sign and a real robot snake for the show at Space Center Houston.

smoking buddies
Part of an anti-smoking ad. Much of this was drawn and constructed in Photoshop.


mercury graphic
One of many graphics created for several NASA space capsules on display in Space Center Houston. The text was provided and then I created the line drawing and constructed the rest of the graphic.

K9 new
This was a fun project I donated to promote a space themed fundraiser.

one day ride
Design for a pilot episode of a new show for the Travel Channel that never happened.

Robot Circus
A wide shot of the Robot Circus show for Space Center Houston. Creating all the graphics occupied most of my time but I was able to get into the shop for some construction. The show was a great way to exhibit modern robots created for fun and work. The feature was a live show in a circus ring with a mix of real robots and actors in exotic costumes performing a magic show.

circus show
The magic show performed several times a day for about three months. The cannon was carved from foam and shot confetti and streamers into the audience. You can see some of the kids have their fingers in their ears for the big boom. The robot on the right appears from a "space ship" lowered from above and at one point replaces an older, more beat up version of the same robot.

bot arm
Here is one of my favorite projects. I wanted something that kids could control but not break. We bought a robot arm kit from a science supply store and I wired it to a controller I built using video game joysticks. The goal is for kids to pick up a foam ball and try to place it on an unstable target. This rig was a favorite of the show and often had a line of people waiting to try.

saw bot
We bought this suit from the original builder and then worked hard to make the modifications needed for the show. The idea is that this robot has a large circular saw for an arm and performs a cut-the-robot-in-half during the magic act. You can see the newly finished cannon behind us.

Another Space Center Houston show called Need For Speed. This was one of my first exhibit projects to do any graphics or construction on.

In this setup, two racers test their reaction time to a real drag racing light tree and stomp on the gas pedal when they see green. We built the body of each car with fiberglass and use real racecar parts to finish it.

A really nice model of the International Space Station was installed in Space Center Houston with the challenge of educating the public on the various modules that make up the station. The solution was a graphic I created that allows a guest to press a button that illuminates the part on the model they are interested in. This kiosk had to be built to withstand several people leaning on it or even a child walking across the backlit graphic.

oil rig
I spent a month working on this model. It was destined for an exhibit at one of the Smithsonian museums but during shipping it fell from the truck and was destroyed.

This center piece was created to highlight the history of the Port of Galveston and is part of the Rosenberg Library Museum in Galveston, Texas. There are several interactive parts to this exhibit.

Now and then I do art that is not related to a project. Most of these paintings have been sold but I do keep a few.

P-40D Kittyhawk
Airbrush acrylic 36" X 40"
Signed by Tex Hill, a top Flying Tigers pilot

Airbrush acrylic 30" X 40"

Colin Edwards
Adobe Illustrator Drawing 40" X 30"

Acrylic 10" X 9"

Airbrush on leather jacket

Airbrush on leather jacket

miss carol
Miss Carol
Airbrush on leather jacket