When I served in the U.S. Air Force it was as an aircrew on B-52's. I sat behind the pilot and operated some communications and part of the defensive systems including the tail guns. Soon after my service was done I ended up working and flying with an airplane museum that took many of their aircract to shows around the country. Most of my time was spent with the restoration of a Boeing B-17 named "Thunderbird". Here are some of my pictures over the last 30 years in aviation.

Here I am right out of high school going through B-52 training in California.

Flying in the B-17 THUNDERBIRD on our way to another air show. The tail section can be bumpy so you have to hold on to something most of the time.

Randolph AFB where I spent some time before going on to my next base for more training.

This was an unexpected event. A pair of F-16's found us flying around the Gulf Coast and while we had one on each wingtip I took some nice pictures. You can see my hands holding a camera in one of the nose windows.

This is my view of the F-16's from the nose of THUNDERBIRD.

Here we are doing an engine run after some maintenance. I try to keep from turning my back on spinning props so take the picture quick.

My friend the late Colonel Robert Morgan. You might have heard of the aircraft he flew during World War 2, the MEMPHIS BELLE. His wife took this picture right before he took THUNDERBIRD out for an amazing flight. He is the most experienced pilot to ever fly this aircraft.

We are flying in formation to a nearby airshow. In the lead is THUNDERBIRD with a nice F6F on the starboard wing and me in the co-pilot seat of a TBF torpedo bomber. In about an hour the TBF engine would quit right in front of the airshow spectators nearly causing us to crash in a ball of fire.

Flying over Galveston Bay.

In the right seat of a helicopter flying over Alaska. Someone has their thumb in front of the camera.

Alan Bean
My favorite astronaut has always been Texas native Alan Bean. He is a former test pilot, fourth man to walk on the moon and comander of the Skylab space station in 1973. He is also of Scottish descent and an artist. At one point I was asked to film some special projects that would be presented to the Travel Channel in hopes of it becoming a new show. One of the first things on the list was to interview the world famous artist and he was very helpful by allowing me into his studio to film him work and talk.

Apache crew
I was asked by a local Apache squadron to paint their flight jackets.