Random pictures of some of my past and present motorcycles.

Aerostich 2013
On the cover of the 2013 Aerostich catalog

The R6 at Texas World Speedway

On the track at Texas World Speedway on my Yamaha R6.

My first race at Texas World Speedway on my way to earning a racing license and the colors of the bike (a Honda Hawk 650) should tell you that was a long time ago. The yellow shirts over our leathers tell everyone to look out for stupidity! The start flag has just dropped and I am on one of about 30 race bikes. At this moment I am in last place but not for long. Just in front of me a rider has lost control of his bike and is somewhat riding a wheelie straight into the guy waving the flag and I am laughing so hard I forget to shift to second and have the revs at their limit. Somehow I finish second and get my first trophy. Woohoo.

The guy to my left is going to beat every other rider in this race and do it on the oldest and "slowest" bike. He was very smooth through every turn and I was lucky to be behind him to see. He proves that it is not what you ride but HOW you ride that matters. You can't buy skill it must be earned.

In Mexico on my Honda Valkyrie.

My Ducati S2R1000 waiting for a new class to start.

Graceland on my Yamaha FZR 600.

Ground Zero in New York City on a Yamaha FZ-1.

Yamaha YZF 600. A very nice GT bike.

Some of the bikes packed in tight and on Battery Tenders.

In the process of strapping down the R6 to my trailer to go to the track for a weekend.

A simple standard bike. Yamaha Seca 2.

The same bike loaded with a tent, sleeping bag and a few days worth of clothes.

Learning how to drag race motorcycles. Yamaha R1.

Green Hornet picture
Here I am with the car and motorcycle for the movie The Green Hornet. You can also find this picture in the 2011 Aerostich catalog.

My favorite charity ride each year is the Ride for Kids and raises money for research of childrens brain tumors. I think this is the 15th year for me and the turnout gets better every time.

Thats me riding a 1976 Benelli moped.

FZR wreck
Here is what happens when someone without rider training decides it is OK if they buy a sportbike for a first bike because they will "respect" the bike. Since respect is not a riding skill, like braking or swerving, the guy who bought my old FZR600 was not able to avoid smashing into the back of a slow moving car and was seriously hurt. Although I had put 36,000 scratch free miles on this bike in the 18 months I owned it, the next owner only lasted 18 hours.

MSF Alvin
In my early years as a riding instructor we had these nifty 125cc Hondas that used a series of lights on the front and back to allow the instructor to know the speed of the student, what gear they were in and when they were using the brakes. I still wear a dorky hat during class too.

Schwantz at USGP
So...the name Kevin Schwantz doesn't mean much to most people but if you know about motorcycle racing the guy is a legend in the sport. A former world champion and a fellow Texan, he is still active behind the scenes. In 1994 I rode to California to watch him race at the famous Laguna Seca track. The hyper powerful bike he used at the time used a two-stroke engine and after a few laps of each race you could actually feel a thin layer of the fuel/oil mix on your skin. Not long after I took this picture, Kevin had a serious bike failure and was spit off during a high speed section of the track. If I remember right, he was going around 175mph. After he was done sliding he walked back to his pit area. A great testiment to what riding gear can do for us. Its funny how many clueless street riders say that gear wont help at all during a crash so they never wear any.

I recently talked to him about that race and he said simply that he was not having a good day.

Here is Kevin Schwantz at a charity ride in Houston.

My motorcycle riding class at Northwest Mall parking lot in Houston. Students are practicing for a riding test.

I arrived at Stonehenge early in the morning and posed for a quick picture.

Spending a few days riding like a local and exploring Paris.

At the dock in the town of Tenby in Wales. I will be staying in one of those buildings behind.